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When people discuss youthfulness in film it's usually boxed into the stereotypical coming of age story. Over at Puer we wanted to extend on our love for John Hughes' films by exploring movies that not only inspire the youth but also depicts the honest fight to maintain it - through friendships, fun, chasing your passion, love, career paths, and exploring curiosity. Take a gander at the most watch movies that will inspire you to do that thing you always wanted to but never knew how.

Fresh Dressed 

Everybody wants to be fly, but no one really talks about the politics of fashion and how that operates in your true expression of self as a youth. In Fresh Dressed we get to see a bunch of kids - who aren't necessarily the faces of luxury and fashion, use their creativity and drive to influence and change an industry.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Of course, there's a few John Hughes movies that could have made this list. This one is most important because it emphasizes the importance of taking risks and enjoying life with those closest to you. 

Good Will Hunting

Sometimes it takes outside forces to push you to live out your potential. Even the janitor can be a genius, there's no reason that should stop you from achieving your dreams. 


Meteor showers, spinning nebulas, double sunrises, horrible first date(s), chance encounters, and six years of mistakes. Its nerdy, romantic, nonlinear narrative  combined with the dopest of shots is awe-inspiring.

Paris Is Burning

Everyone's sipping tea, throwing shade, voguing, and getting read from A to Z, these days. Very few may know that all this vernacular and lifestyle comes from Gay culture and their balls. Paris Is Burning, highlights outcasted youth making room for themselves when no one was giving them a seat at the table.

Blue is the Warmest Color

You might hate subtitles but French movies are really the wave, more nudity, intense sex, and the mise en scene is always on point. Blue is the Warmest Color captures art, sexual exploration, and the confusion of adolescence.


In the midst of getting a summer job at an amusement park to fund his post-graduation European trip it turns out not to be the worst summer ever for James. 

Short Term 12

Screwed up adolescents navigating through the world under the supervision of screwed up post-grads who are in charge of them. This is a film about castoffs that beautifully weaves through familiar territory in very powerful ways.

Frances Ha

Frances jumps from apartment to apartment in NYC, with no real job, chasing her dream of being a professional dancer, searching for love and never really knowing how to get adulting right. 

Living On a Dollar

A group of college friends examine their privilege as they take a trip to Guatemala and explore what it's like to live on $1 a day. Curiosity, exploring, learning, and compassion.

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