Shooting The Shit: Noel Bronson

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One clothing item you can’t live without?


The T shirt, black. Sometimes with a graphic sometimes without.

Favorite fashion trend from your teens?

Don’t have one, throwbacks?

A quote that inspires your life?

If I asked people what they wanted they would've said a faster horse. - Henry Ford

Most played song in your iTunes library?

Wiz Khalifa - Roll up (1,328 plays)

Metallica or AC/DC? Wes Anderson, Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorsese? Fiction or Nonfiction?

Metallica - I have only seen ONE Scorsese film. So Steven Spielberg just cause! - Science fiction for fiction. Biography if it's nonfiction.

Last book you read and why?

Jon Ive, cause my phone, computer & tablet are pretty.

What are the sites you go to on a daily basis?

Hypebeast, Highsnob,

Who is more important to pop culture Pharrell or Kanye West?

mmmm - Kanye, just cause Pharrell is MORE niche even tho he's very the opposite of niche as well.

If you could design anything in the world what would it be?

This answer could change depending on my current day dream, but right now I think it would be an updated Model T by Ford. Well thinking about it the Model S by Tesla is kinda a new Model T. Sooooooo.

On a whim I would say a Moet bottle. It would be cool to see two pictures; One a bunch of while old dudes in suits at a dinner table drinking champagne out of Lismore glasses with my bottle in the background.

The 2nd is Liv on a Sunday! Bottle girls and sparklers, but my bottle is also there. Good design switch scenes.

Biggest lesson you’ve learned starting your own line?

There is no wrong or right just SURVIVAL.

What’s the day-to-day like as a creator and business owner? Can you be creative while also thinking about the numbers of the business?

Shit sucks. I see why creative founders hire CEO’s & I say this from a VERY VERY small company. Currently I don’t really worry much about my bottom line so my only real worry is the flip. If the company puts $1K into an idea then that idea at very least needs a return of $1,100. Slow growth is fine with me, but losing money is something I can’t deal with. Yes, we have lost money.

Your line is based in nostalgia, how do you pick which aspects of the past to highlight with PUER.?

It’s no real method to that madness. So far we have released 3 collections to date with all of them still being mid 2000s 15 year old Noel seeing all this street culture stuff for this 1st time. I’ve never agreed with the fashion rule that every season has to be an entirely new thing to say. Which is why I love Rick Owens. Every season he changes when he wants too not cause he has to.

I think when i'm done with the mid 2000s dialogue I want to jump into 2009-2011 when menswear really popped off. Pay homage to Band Of Outsiders & stuff. I’m even working on a pair of american made jeans.

Jeans is something I always said I wouldn't touch.

Steve Jobs greatest contribution to the culture?

Steve’s greatest contribution has to be he showed the entire world you can accomplish great things if you're willing to sacrafice & put the work in. I read a few weeks ago Apple is like the #1 business of all time multi billion dollar tech powerhouse. & it came from a small garage in Palo Alto.

Dream collaborator(s)?

Patagonia, Rizzoli, Bobby Hundreds, Rolex, MUJI, The John Hughes Estate & Red Wing boots. I mean I have a lot, but the ones I just listed are ones I have been jotting down notes on. I am not in contact with any of these brands, but I work on ideas just so when it does happen i'm ready.

You appreciate visual design, if you could be the designer for a mega tour featuring 5 select acts, who would they be and why?

I have a crazy set design in mind for this! A whole theme & everything, but going to keep it to myself.

Guns & Roses *WITH AXEL & SLASH*, Prince, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg & Wiz.

Reason being it just plays well in my head lol. All the artist could transition into the next act without stopping.

Guns & Roses end their set with Prince joining them onstage for November Rain. GnR exit Prince performs his set list ending with Purple Rain with his Guitar solo transitioning into the solo from Devil In A New Dress. Kanye takes the stage. Prince leaves.

Yes I put a lot of thought into that!!!

5 years from now, what’s going on with you?

Hopefully a lot but not to much.

Puer Propulsion Laboratories are up to 3 locations(that’s what I plan to call the retail stores more on that next time) & the line has reached the point where I can produce everything from branded pack of socks to footwear. That’s my main goal to create a lifestyle brand that any that want to join can join. Graphic tees will always be $30-$45, but I do want to create things that may cost let's say $800. I don’t want to lose my core that I am currently building. So thats what im working on now, creating a brand where the price point carries over a large threshold. Ralph nailed it kinda & Marc Jacobs is really close, but I have plans!

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