Shooting The Shit: Jae Tips

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The best part of waking up?

>> Folgers in your cup 


What song lyric best suits your life?

>>Damn homie in high school you was the man homie what the fuck happen to you 


Most played song on your iPod?

>> Taylor swift - bad blood 


Favorite Saturday morning cartoon?

>>Hotnet cause mom was still sleep till 12 



You were granted the ability to have 1 superpower for 24hrs, what would it be and why?

>> Time travel , there's nothing I regret because it made me who I am but I'll love to re live a few moments with close friends 


What's a better color palette, BRED or Cool Grey?

>> I hate this question 


If you could collaborate with any any brand on a sneaker who would it be and why?

>>Reebok because I'm currently wearing an Allen iverson Durag from reebok , it would be super trill.


Who would play you in a movie about your life?

>> Myself like 50 cent and Eminem did in there biopics I'm the only person who can get it right 


Apple Music or Spotify?

>> Apple Music.


What's more important to the culture Jordan taking the last shot in Game 6 of the ‘98 NBA Finals in the “last shot” 14s or Marty McFly putting on the Air Mags? 

>> Jordan just because I own the shoe 


What was the last movie you ever saw? Was it any good?

>> Hunger games mocking jay part 2 , it was aight might of been kinda trash tho 


Fav music video as a kid? Fav in the last 3 years? Fav in 2015 so far?

>> Shabba ranks - Mr Lover Man 

Tyler creator - She 

Adele - Hello 


How many unread emails do you have currently?

>> Zero I delete then shits 


1st CD you bought? Last song you streamed? 

>> Still haven't bought one 


5 years from now, what's going on with you?


>> Running my own illustration company

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