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Let me start this off saying I SUCK at grammar and spelling so the fact that I am beyond hungover isn't gonna help. Im just typing this letting my feelings roll out. So this is as "raw" as I may ever be.


4/19/2013 - We launched this brand with a pop up in LES. A lil over 3 years ago I started this unknown journey. Along the way not only has the brand grown, but so have I. I can argue and show facts that the brand has grown in a positive light. Sales have doubled each year so far - & that isn't a brag or to big my self up. That wouldn't have happened with out my team that I am forever grateful to have. 

That is PUER, but what about Noel? I have grown into a better leader, business owner and MAYBE designer. I will be the first to say I think I am the wrong guy for this job. I don't know any other brand owners like me. Not to say they don't exist I just don't know them. Lets start off with I'm VERY shy & awkward, so much that I hardly tell people I have a brand if they don't already know. 

I kinda think I'm the villain, you ever watch a cartoon & think how did the bad guy get the big house, great team and better ideas than the good guys? I feel like that. I am far from a "good" person, but life has seem to favor me time to time. Can't complain.

Back to the point. If you're still here reading his bare with me. I have grown colder in the years. If i was an asshole in 2013 i am an ASSHOLE now. & it isn't ego cause I don't have it. I think the stress complied over my insecurities is far from a match made in heaven. My parents, siblings, girl friend,friends & more have been a target of mine. some more than others. My team more or less is never a target unless I really need to push them, but I try with them cause with out them its none of this.

The greatest joy out of all of this is people friends & strangers alike telling me I inspire them. That is a feeling I wouldn't trade for anything. I just think sometimes being the leader is overwhelming. Keeping up the smiles and optimism is draining at times. I have one talent - its not knowing when you quit. Thats what drives me thats why I things get done even when I don't believe it can be done. I AM SORRY FOR EVERYONE I HAVE HURT TO GET HERE. I AM SORRY TO EVERYONE I AM GOING TO HURT. I AM NOT PERFECT.

4/28/2016 - Pop up shop in BX for our 3rd year in business. most designers are presented with flowers at a collection. I was giving a bottle of Moet Rose followed by drugs and more drinks. Now this is living proof I am the wrong guy for this job. Instead of leading by example I'm laying on the ground rapping lyrics at the top of my lungs while drunk. Just called my partner & he said it was a success. Happy you guys had fun. This is one of many ideas we are doing. & no more drinking at the events, Bronson Waters only lol.


So thank you guys, not for only last night but for everything. like literally EVERYTHING. Yea I don't think I'm the guy for the job - a bunch of people might agree - FUCK THEM. Cause you think I am. & I promise as long as you believe in me I will deliver. I never called for the ball with 1 second left down by 2 in the 4th qt. But I have the ball.







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